To work for the overall development of women and children irrespective of their caste, creed, or community.

To work for the socio-economic and educational development of women and children.

To identify problems of women and children and work for their empowerment

To empower women by providing leadership, personality, and career
development training and counseling.

To organize programs for helping women channel their human resources for the development of the nation.

To help and motivate women to organize into self-help groups and promote
micro-finance in order to enhance their productivity.

To provide training on entrepreneurship development and skill development for women and unemployed

To help women avail loans, grants, and financial help from governmental and non-governmental organizations.

To establish and run, educational institutions, libraries, schools, and colleges. universities, skill development centers, technical education centers

To campaign against social evils including alcoholism, and drug addiction. smoking, indecency, etc.

To create awareness among women on health and sanitation and educate them on reproductive and child health, eradication of polio, and reduction of AIDS.

To promote legal education among women, sensitize them to their rights and duties, and support them in litigation and protection of rights.

To conduct a seminar, lectures, conferences, field trips, workshops, and discussions on women-related issues.

To conduct the study, research, and fact-finding exercise. survey and documentation of any issues directly or indirectly related to the women and children.

To print. publish. circulate and distribute pamphlets, and hooklets. journal. magazines and books and produce films and documentaries on social issues.

To establish a hostel. rest house, daycare center, and shelter home. and old age homes, adult, and continuing education centers.

To promote mental health by setting up centers for adolescent counseling. family counseling and marital counseling.

To rehabilitate physically/mentally challenged women and children

To provide free meals, study aids, scholarships, and financial assistance. clothes. marriage assistance, medicines, housing, and shelter for the poor and needy.

To conduct social and cultural activities such as sports, arts, games, etc.

To grant awards, scholarships, and fellowships for promoting academic pursuits and exemplary contributions to society.

To provide financial assistance for education, self-employment, and other personal needs.

To co-operate and coordinate with governmental and non-governmental agencies in areas of common interest.

To take initiative for the development deprived including Scheduled Caste. Scheduled Tribes, minorities, and other backward classes, etc.

To intervene in the issues of socially excluded and vulnerable groups such as street children, beggars, elderly, etc. for positive change.

To organize relief and rehabilitation activities in the event of natural or man-made calamities.

To provide financial assistance to organizations working for the same cause or undertaking another form of humanitarian activities.

To conduct all other social welfare activities for the empowerment of society.

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